Allied Bolt


STRUCTURAL RETAINING STARSOur Structural Star Building Retaining Washers (Structural Retaining Stars) are domestically manufactured in the USA. Often referred to as seismic earthquake washers or Century Star Washers, our washers have an architecturally accurate historic pattern, and are used as anchor plates or wall washers that are connected to a tie rod or bolt on exterior walls of masonry buildings for structural reinforcement, used to brace the masonry wall against lateral bowing. They are available with a five or six point star designs in cast ductile hot galvanized or may be custom-ordered in aluminum or bronze.

Our Star Washers are also specified in plans as Gib Plates, Hurricane Bolts, Pattress Plates, Masonry Restraints and Tie Backs.

We can provide you with all of the accessories such as rods, nuts, washers, plates and turnbuckles which you may require to complete the project.

The Stars are 7/8" thick with a flat back and have a 7/8" ID. The Hot Galvanized recommended accompaniments are : 3/4 Ogee Washer, 3/4 USS Flat Washer, 3/4-10 Heavy Hex Nut and 3/4-10 x 6' Threaded Rod

The most popular size is 7-1/2" (5 Point), although 5" (5 Point), 9" (6 Point), 10" (5 Point), 13" (5 Point) are also readily available.