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BOSTON STRONGI don't pronounce my R's. I call a liquor store a packie, and a garbage can a barrel.

I call a water fountain a bubblah.

Sprinkles are jimmies, a basement is a cellah, and a living room is a pahlah.

A dresser is a bureau, a milkshake is a frappe, and dinner is suppah.

I remember when Harry The Greek was thriving on the corner of East Berkeley and Washington.

I would often have breakfast at The Premier and lunch sitting at the countah at Liggett's with my Dad.

I often rode the EL as a kid, Boston's first elevated heavy rail metro line.

I remember Dover Station.

Any place west of Route 128 is the boonies, and although I prefer the ocean of the Maine Coastline, they say that Cape Cod is a piece of heaven right here on earth.

I ride the T.

I love that dirty wahtah of the Charles, but I know bettah than to swim in it.

I love the amazing history and culture of the great City of Boston, and the spirit of it's people.

I met my amazing wife at UMASS Amherst. Both my son and daughter also graduated from UMASS Amherst.

I'm a Bostonian and I'm wicked proud of it.