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MAR. 21 2023 DEVELOPERS TOPOFF 2ND LAB BUILDING IN SOMERVILLE'S BOYNTON YARDS DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners and Leggat McCall Properties last week celebrated the topping off of an 11-floor, 370,000-square-foot lab and office building. . .Read More

MAR. 7 2023 'WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE ONE' AGC ECONOMIST DISMISSES A 2023 RECESSION Strong job openings, wage growth and robust investment into equipment, IT and overall plant construction indicate the U.S. economy should avoid a recession this year, said Ken Simonson, chief economist for Associated General Contractors. . .Read More

MAR. 6 2023 CONSTRUCTION CHAMPIONS 2023 Not long ago, it was unusual to find more than just a few women working in a skilled trade or leading a team on a construction project. While women still only make up a little more than 14% of the construction workforce. . .Read More

MAR. 6 2023 RECOGNIZING WOMEN IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) performed interviews with 176 tradeswomen and analyzed 770 responses to a survey directed to women in the industry to recruit, hire and retain more women in the industry. . .Read More

FEB. 10 2023 THE ARGUMENT: SHOULD MASSACHUSETTS SIGNIFICANTLY EXPAND CONSTRUCTION OF PUBLIC HOUSING? The siren song of public housing, first heard in the 1930s, is back in Massachusetts. It promises housing without profits will serve the poor better than the private market. But examination of its record, in Boston and nationally, should give pause. . .Read More

FEB. 7 2023 HEALEY NOT RUSHING THINGS AT THE MBTA Slowly - some would say too slowly - putting the pieces in place to take control of the MBTA.Back in August, when it was widely expected she would replace Charlie Baker as governor, Healey said she intended to hire a new MBTA general manager and a statewide transportation chief. . .Read More

FEB. 6 2023 THIS YEAR OUTLOOK: IS THIS THE YEAR SUPPLY CHAINS STABILIZE? After more than two years of nonstop disruption, it appears that supply chains are finally approaching balance.Freight rates have fallen back down to earth from record highs. The ship queue off the Port of Los Angeles has all but disappeared. . .Read More

JAN. 11 2023 STRONG BACKLOG REPORT INCLUDES WARNING OF TIGHTER FINANCING Construction backlog remained unchanged in December at 9.2 months, according to Associated Builders and Contractors. The numbers provide a cushion for the sector against a potential recession, but the organization's economist said reason . . .Read More

JAN. 10 2023 WAYS TO IMPROVE CONSTRUCTION WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY IN 2023 Over the past couple of months, we have discussed productivity, especially how larger construction companies are making concentrated efforts to improve productivity and spending levels. A couple of real-world examples . . .Read More

JAN. 10 2023 SECTOR WATCH: 'A LOT OF MONE ON THE TABLE' FOR CIVIL CONSTRUCTION THIS YEAR More than $281 billion in spending, a 16% jump from 2022, will help this recession-resistant sector gain strength this year . . .Read More

JAN. 6 2023 $25 MILLION IN STATE FUNDING TO GO TOWARD NEW NORTH END COMMUNITY CENTER The City of Boston is also launching a facilities assessment to ensure every neighborhood has a state-of-the-art community center. . .Read More

DEC. 8 2022 NEW INITIATIVE PLEDGES $169M FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN MA The market report is a good combination of qualitative and quantitative data that highlights significant market changes, obstacles that business and the competition . . .Read More

DEC. 7, 2022 AI IN CONSTRUCTION MARKET IS EXPECTED TO GENERATE REVENUE OF USD $5045.68M BY 2030 The market report is a good combination of qualitative and quantitative data that highlights significant market changes, obstacles that business and . . .Read More

DEC. 2 2022 NJ INVESTORS BUY WINCHESTER LOFTS New Jersey-based investors have purchased the 158-unit Winchester Lofts luxury apartment complex capping off a two-year local real estate spending spree that has seen that same landlord duo buy a total of . . .Read More

NOV. 30, 2022 STATE CLEARS EAST BOSTON SUBSTATION FOR CONSTRUCTION WITHOUT 14 LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITS The utility Eversource can soon begin construction on a controversial electrical substation in East Boston. Much to the outrage of opponents and many residents . . .Read More

NOV. 19 2022 DOUGLAS COUNTY's NEW BUILDING-ENERGY EFFICIENT HOUSING--GOES INTO EFFECT JAN. 1 By early 2023, builders in Douglas County will have options that allow the construction of tiny homes, and new homes will have stricter energy efficiency . . .Read More

NOV. 2 2022 WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SECURES $50M FOR NEW ATHLETIC COMPLEX Wentworth Institute of Technology has secured a $50 million tax-exempt bond to build a new athletic complex on the Parker Street end of its Boston campus. The bond, issued by MassDevelopment and announced Wednesday, will allow Wentworth to build playing fields atop a 330-space parking area that'll sit largely below street level . . .Read More