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"Found Allied Bolt's BLOG on Toggler/Snaptoggler heavy duty anchors and called. Thank you Neil for getting them quickly to us! RJ"

"Simple Sink Clips. Saw Allied Bolt had advertised on Facebook and immediately contacted and purchased them. Had other accessories as well that we purchased. Hank S."

"Seismic stars made with the quality and steel we need. Many stars out there---but these are the real industry grade! Lou R."

"For a company that's been around for near 60 years, I find them to have hard to find products that no one else has. Jack L.."

"Allied Bolt is one company we can depend on.Their threaded rods and anchor bolts are in-stock for us which has helped us keep the projects going without delay. Tom S."

"We budget our large, complex construction projects months in advance and Allied Bolt helps us tremendously by providing quotes we need and being ready with products when our projects start.Thank You Neil! Burt T."

"Neil, Got the shipment of my favorite ss screws. Thanks for the rapid response! Robert"

"In My Line of Work, I See A Lot of Rusted or Broken Bolts. There is Hardly a Week That Goes By I Don't Find the Need to Find an Odd Bolt. Allied Bolt and Screw Always Comes Through. Thanks, Arthur "

"Best Hardware company --Always Has What You Need and Great Prices. Are the Best! " J.E.

"They Always Have What We Need! Period." D.B.

"What a Company! Full Service! Great Prices! And, What a Selection! Always there and plenty of FREE Parking--Thanks Again! 5 out of 5 STARS!" Jim

"Great Services at the Desk EVERYTIME I come here." J.K.

"Can't say enough good things about your company. The amazing help you get is outstanding! Keep up the good work!" R.G.

"We've had Allied Bolt & Screw supply our many products for over 10 years! They have helped us with budgeting a project, verifying the products we need and getting them onsite on-time! Thank you Neil for all your help and support!" T.B.

"I have stopped into the Canton warehouse and have enjoyed talking to the Allied Bolt crew and picking up my electrical products I've ordered---if there is a promotion, they let me know so a discount would occur. Who does that today? Thanks!" L.S.

"That's great, been looking for these, will be calling soon when building starts." J.J.

"Arthur - only the best." J.F.

"Been looking for these, be in next week. Thanks for posting." C.F.

"Arthur is the best. I have been coming to Allied since the 1980's in the South End. He is very helpful. Always calls me back. A great salesman." M.O.

"Allied Bolt and Screw is our "go-to" place for any hard to find bolt or screw. In our work, we don't need a lot of bolts/screws, but when we do need them, they are usually either made of special material or a unique size and of course it's an emergency! We can always count on Allied to have what we need and it's always a pleasure to have someone like Arthur help us. He is always very helpful and knowledgeable." R.S.

"Great service, great location, have most of what I look for and, if not, will get it for me." T.D.

"Nelson went above and beyond his duties to find the special bolts I needed. Great service! Thank you. Thank you." J.J.

"Arthur is "The Man". He goes above and beyond the usual for your customers! Your products are great. Nelson is very helpful too. They work together perfectly." K.P.

"Stopping by to pick up some stainless machine screws. Good price." J.J.

"They always have what we need. Friendly counter people and what a variety of bolts and screws!" J.P.

"After calling "the other guys" who could provide what I need, from 4 different stores unsuccessfully, I then made one call to Allied - in stock. Affordably priced. Service with a smile. Thanks Arthur!" V.E.

"Will be in this week, definitely in need of these for our new project." A.T.

"I've been buying from them for over 30 years. Great guys, great supplier. Keep it up!" A.Q.

"Just what we need. If I ever leave the house again, I am heading your way!!!" J.J.W. (A Covid-19 reference)

"I've been installing these for years in Philadelphia." J.G. (A 'Structural Star' reference)

"Now that's old school. I see stars on 200 year old buildings in Boston." J.M. (A Structural Seismic Star Reference)

"Quite an undertaking. I would view this project starting up as good news and a sign of optimism that we will return to normalcy at some point in the near future." W.I. (A reference to Boston Construction News)