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A307 / F1554 / A193 B7

<b/>A307</b> / <b/>F1554</b> / <b/>A193 B7</b> ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW stocks A307, F1554 GRADE 55, F1554 GRADE 105, and A193 GRADE B7 THREADED ROD BOTH PLAIN STEEL and HOT GALVANIZED in 6 and 12 FOOT LENGTHS.

There are often questions regarding the A307, F1554 and B7 Specifications, so I'm going to address some of those questions on this page in order to give you a better understanding.

ASTM A36 is a steel grade, not a bolt specification. It covers the raw material (in this case steel round bar) that is used to manufacture the bolts. A307 and F1554 Grade 36 are ASTM specifications covering bolts. Both A307 and F1554 Grade 36 bolts are frequently manufactured using A36 steel. ASTM A307 is a specification that covers mild steel bolts. There are two grades within the ASTM specification. A307 Grade A covers bolts for general applications, while A307 Grade B covers heavy hex bolts and studs for cast iron flanges. There used to be an A307 Grade C specification covering anchor bolts, but it was eliminated in 2007 and subsequently replaced by F1554 Grade 36.

Both A307 Grade C (when it existed) and F1554 Grade 36 have chemical and mechanical (strength) requirements that must be met in order to certify the bolts to these specifications. As you can see in the table below, F1554 Grade 36 requires additional testing (reduction of area) that A307 Grade C did not require.

Mechanical Requirements :

A307 Grade C:

58 - 80 ksi Tensile, 36 ksi Yield, 23% Minimum Elongation, No Minimum Requirement % of Reduction Area

F1554 Grade 36

58 - 80 ksi Tensile, 36 ksi Yield, 23% Minimum Elongation, 40% Minimum Requirement of Reduction Area

ASTM A307 covers low carbon steel bolts and currently consists of Grades A and B. Grade A covers bolts for general applications, while Grade B covers Heavy Hex Bolts.

F1554 Grade 36 replaced A307 Grade C, which covered bent anchor bolts and straight rods, as well as mild steel anchor bolts of any configuration including headed bolts.

F1554 is often available in three grades, Grade 36, Grade 55 and Grade 105. These are varying degrees of minimum yield strength.

Import A307 Hex Bolts or Rods might meet the F1554 Grade 36 requirements, but the test reports that accompany the bolts or rods do not state this. The A307 specification only has mechanical requirements for tensile strength (60 ksi minimum) and elongation (18% minimum). F1554 Grade 36 has different requirements for tensile and elongation, in addition to having requirements for yield strength and reduction of area. Since the A307 specification does not have requirements for these additional two mechanical properties, they are typically omitted from the test reports, making it impossible to prove they meet all of the criteria without additional testing.

Not all F1554 material is weldable. F1554 Grade 36 is mild steel and is weldable. Grade 55 S-1 is a modified mild steel that has a higher minimum yield strength (55 ksi) than traditional A36 mild steel (36 ksi) and is weldable, providing it meets certain standards. Some Grade 55 material that does not meet certain parameters is not weldable.

Grade 105 is not weldable since the heat generated during welding could alter the mechanical properties of the medium carbon alloy quenched and tempered material.

Allied Bolt and Screw carries both F1554 and ASTM A193 Grade B7 Threaded Rods. Even though ASTM A193 Grade B7 has a higher tensile strength, they cannot be substituted. A193 Grade B7 has a minimum tensile strength of 125 ksi, while F1554 Grade 55 has a maximum tensile strength of only 95 ksi. Also, Grade B7 is not weldable.

ASTM F1554 Grade 105 might be a more suitable specification than A193 Grade B7 if the application is anchor bolts, as F1554 is an anchor bolt specification. The chemical and mechanical properties are almost identical. For diameters up to 2-1/2″, the minimum tensile strength is 125 ksi and the minimum yield is 105 ksi, which are exactly the same, although F1554 Grade 105 does have a maximum of 150 ksi tensile, while A193 Grade B7 has no maximum.

Do many distributors carry this material in stock? The answer is no.

Then where do you find A307, F1554 Grade 55, F1554 Grade 105 and ASTM A193 Grade B7 material ? The answer is Allied Bolt and Screw.

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